Options of Replacing Missing Teeth

Missing Tooth Bayside, NY

Teeth are important and equally important are options for replacing missing teeth. Healthy teeth not just help you show off an amazing smile, they also help to maintain excellent overall health. The absence of a single or several teeth may make common activities like speaking and chewing more challenging.

According to recent research, 92% of people aged 20 to 64 experience tooth decay. Likewise, the quantity of people suffering from missing teeth is also a pretty big number. Thankfully, with today's advancements in dental care, there are numerous options for replacing missing teeth

Dental implants

Dental implants are surgical procedures where replacement tooth roots are placed and fused with the patient's jawbone.

Dental implants do work well while replacing one tooth, but they might not be the best choice to replace multiple teeth. With that said, implants offer the feel and look of natural teeth and will last for years without the need to be replaced or repaired.

Fixed bridges

A fixed bridge will bridge the gap between a single tooth or more missing teeth.

Usually, using a fixed bridge involves several visits to your dentist since the process of implant placement, customizing your bridge, and positioning the bridge in the area of the missing teeth will take time.

However, once a bridge is in position, a fixed dental bridge functions, feels, and looks like natural teeth, doesn't require taking out to be cleaned, and is typically more cost-effective than dental tooth implants.

Resin-retained bridges

Resin-retained bridges are frequently less invasive than fixed bridges.

A fixed bridge is better for teeth that are used for chewing, but a resin-retained bridge is an excellent alternative for missing front teeth that generally do not endure as much pressure. Resin-retained bridges attach to neighboring teeth on both sides. 

Removable partial dentures

Removable partial dentures consist of replacement teeth for a tiny part of missing teeth and function and look normal.

Removable partial dentures are good for aesthetic appeal and chewing. Still, they're much less durable than a tooth bridge or implant and may become uncomfortable while worn for a long time.

Removable complete dentures

Depending upon how many teeth you presently have, a removable denture may be pretty invasive and require several visits to a dentist.

Unlike removable partial dentures, in which only a part of missing teeth requires replacement, removable complete dentures are used to replace most, if not all, teeth.

Removable complete dentures are both functional and aesthetic, but they may be uncomfortable and are not to be worn for 24 hours per day.

Consult a dentist to discover the best options for replacing missing teeth

If you are searching for your options for replacing missing teeth, consult a dentist before you make a final decision.

All five solutions presented above work well and are reliable for replacing missing teeth; however, going over the options with your dentist is the only way to make sure you receive the treatment needed.

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